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We talk to the four time IFMAR World Champion David Spashett

 David Spashett won his first World Championship in France back in 1994. The class was 1:12 electric. The biggest success of his career so far was the IFMAR OnTrack Worlds in England 1998, where David won all three classes. He won his first Championship with Corally but since 1996 he's been a Trinity factory driver. He had been running for Losi in touring cars until this summer, when he switched to Yokomo just after the Worlds warm-up race. He won his first race with the Yokomo, the Euros in France, but the worlds did not go as planned. I asked David about the MR4TC, RC in general and the future.

  What do you do when not racing? 

  I like to spend time with my girlfriend, movies, pubs clubs and I like to play basketball

 What's your occupation? 

 I work with and for my father as an electrical engineer at AEA technology, 
 working with management systems for batteries.

Where in England do you live?

I live in the south of England in a town called Eastbourne.

What are your goals for the 2001 season and for the future?

After quite a bad year I need to sort myself out. I have tried to race too many classes and race too much instead of practicing. I also changed teams during the season, which meant even more work, and without any support made the task even harder. 

Do you think you will ever get tired of RC racing?

There are times when it does become hard work but when you have a great race with someone and you have a lot of fun it makes it all worth while.


Which is your favorite class? 

I still love 1/12.

What's your best race ever?

For results it must be the world championships in England but for races I have had a number of great races. I think it was around 1995 when Oscar Jansen came over to race and in the final we raced so hard we changed lead just about every lap, if there was a back marker we would simply go around them as we were just so much faster, it was amazing.

How can you be so competitive in 12th scale? You are a 2 time world champ, you win the Euros almost every year, you have been unbeatable at the Cleveland race the last 2 years?

I just love to race 1/12 and I really enjoy the racecraft involved. I only wish I could practice more.

You seem to have a very smooth driving style, has it always been like that? 

Something which I have tried to maintain and develop but lately I have become very untidy and really need to do some practice. 

What do you think is the main thing(s) needed to be a good driver?

To be able to make a decision in an instant and to be able to react to any given situation without a moments notice. No driver has the complete package you just have to make the best of what you have. Then there are the usual things like practice and preparation. 

Why did you decide to leave Losi for Yokomo?

I decide to leave because I had a disagreement with Losi. Then I needed a drive for the worlds so the automatic choice was to join Yokomo. I thought with their help at the worlds I could get a good result. (how wrong could I be)

What do you think of the Yokomo MR4TC car? What are its characteristics?

I really like the car. It has good steering and a lot of rear traction. The only bad part of the car is that it tweeks so easily and the set-up is nearly impossible to copy from car to car. 

Anything you would like to see changed or developed on the car?

I would like to see a zero degree bulkhead for carpet and a better front roll bar assembly.

Do you think that many people take their RC racing too seriously? 

Yes !!!. After all it is only a Hobby. Yes we all like to win but when you have to be dirty to do it then it has gone to far. What makes it even worse is when you have to get someone else to do your dirty work for you.

What about the future of RC? What do you see happening in the future? What would you like to change?

At the moment I really don't like the way the electric section is going. All of these motor limits are slowing the cars down and that is the one thing we all love, SPEED. You don¡¯t see the gas section slowing their 70mph cars down and why not? Because it is fun. Take away the fun and the sport will die.

Do you follow real F1 racing? Favorite driver and team? Who will be world champion 2001?

I do follow F1 but I am not a fanatical fan. I like watch Schumacher use his driving skill to win and then watching McLaren and Mika win on strategy and hard work. 

Do you follow any other motorsports or sports?

Not really 

What kind of music do you listen to?

Anything except heavy metal 

Favorite food?

Chinese and Mexican 

Finally the classical question: What advice can you give for those of us who are not champions but maybe would like to be???

Work hard and practice. The main thing I have learnt more than ever this year is that you need a team behind you to win races. Without help and support from someone you will not win races. Even if it is only your friends at the local track it is so much easier to improve if you are in a team.

Finally a big thank you to David for answering these questions!