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1 mm trailing steering blocks for 12x6 bearings



Yokomo Staratus C-Type


The newest Stratus is a combination of the A and B type Part#


Yokomo setting gauge

You can measure camber, caster and toe quickly and accurately Part #:

New steering blocks

1 mm trailing steering blocks for smoother turn in when using 3 deg caster blocks  Part#:

New spur gears

precision 48 pitch 79t, 80t and 83t  Part#:
ZS-PS79, ZS-PS80, ZS-PS83

New aluminium parts

Blue low cg servo mount (lowers the servo) Part#: 

Front roll bar holder (for roll bar type ZS-412F and 412FW) Part#:

New inserts and wheels 

Super precision disc wheels  Part#:

Thin medium insert Part#:

Thin firm insert Part#: 

New Yokomo Sanyo HV

Peak matched plus 11 Part#:

Peak matched plus 12 (for the serious racer)  Part#:

New front one way unit

Front one way unit with bigger bearings for better durability.

  • Part#: ZS-640T

3 and 7 degree molded caster blocks

3 degree caster blocks will make the car react quicker on turn-in.
7 degree for milder turn-in. (standard=5deg)
Part#: ZM-4133 (3deg)
          ZM-4137 (7deg)

New setup wheels

Blue, five spoke, aluminum setup wheels.

New center shaft

New extremely light and durable chrome molybden center shaft.
Part#: ZS-644T

New springs

New pink springs available. Between yellow and green in stiffness.
Part#: YS-14575

Bigger Shock Bodies

Large capacity shock bodies now available. 3mm longer than the standard shock bodies. 
Part#: YS-4SS-5

Direct Drive Gear Adapter (SP)

The lightweight (aluminum) direct drive gear adapter for the MR4TC Special is now available.
Part#: ZS-630ASP

New MR4TC Custom kit

New basic MR4TC kit. Can be upgraded with the following conversion kits:

Stage 1 includes: 
            • front one-way
            • threaded aluminum shocks
            • new low friction belts
            • rear anti roll bar

There are two different versions of the stage 2 conversion available.

World Champion conversion kit includes parts to make the car to the same specification as the 2000-2001 Worlds winning car.
  • graphite main chassis 
  • worlds upper deck
  • worlds front & rear suspension arms
  • aluminum driveshafts
  • titanium turnbuckles
  • front antiroll bar 
  • clamp type wheel hub 
  • center one way & front drive pulley

Special conversion kit includes parts to make the car the latest specification. Narrow chassis for micro electric equipment.
  • Narrow graphite main chassis
  • graphite worlds upper deck
  • blue aluminum motor & battery mount
  • worlds front & rear suspension arms
  • aluminum driveshafts
  • titanium turnbuckles
  • front antiroll bar
  • clamp type wheel hub

  • center one way & front drive pulley
    Part #:

    MRTC-OC  MR4TC Custom
    TC-C1V  Conversion kit stage 1
    TC-C2W  Conversion stage 2, Worlds type
    TC-C2S  Conversion kit stage 2, Special type

    MR4TC Special transponder mount

    Part#: ZS-TPH


    Lightweight wheel nuts

    New lightweight aluminum 4mm wheel nuts.
    Part#: ZC-N4AF 

    Ride height & droop gauge

    2-way ride height/droop gauge.
    Part#: YT-HDG

    New front & rear belts

    New narrow, low friction belts for the MR4TC. Inclused in MR4TC Special kit.
    Part#: ZS-132B (rear), ZS-537B (front)

    MR-4TC Special Car kit

    Soon available: MR-4TC special complete car kit. Includes:

                    • new narrow chassis
                    • center and front one-way
                    • front & rear anti roll bars
                    • titanium turnbuckles
    Part#: MRTC-SP

    MR-4TC Special conversion kit

    Click here for more information and pictures. 
    Also check:

    Part#: ZS-SPC

    New rear arms for the MR-4TC

    These new rear suspension arms allows adjustments to the wheelbase.
    Part#: ZS-008RW

    New wheels

    12 spoke wheels for foam tires, now available.
    Part#: TW-0713-2

    New tires

    Now the new 139 series of tires are also available in the M compound.
    Part#: ZR-139M2

    New Yokomo Apparel

    Stylish and designed to make you look fashionable at the track, Yokomo 
    t-shirts and sweatshirts are now available in a variety of popular sizes.
    (see  YokomoUSA for part#:)

    New tires

    Yokomo now have new 139G and 139S tires available.
    Part#: ZR-139G2 (4 tires)
    Part#:  ZR-139S2 (4tires)

    New type front roll bar kit

    The new type front roll bar kit is to be used with the arms with a molded in ball stud (ZS-008FW). 
    This type of roll bar is included with the MR4TCW kit.
    Part#: ZS-412FW

    Clamp-type aluminum wheel hubs 

    Milled out of a lightweight aluminum, these hubs use a clamp-type mechanism. 
    A screw is used to lock the hubs to the axles. 
    Part#: ZE-011C

    GT-4 pro shock springs

    Optional tuning springs for your GT-4 & MR4TC. Available in eight different rates. 
    Listed in order of soft to hard: 

    YS-1560 Dark Green 
    YS-1660 Red 
    YS-1655 Yellow 
    YS-1650 Green 
    YS-1760 Silver 
    YS-1755 Grey 
    YS-1750 Brown 

    New front roll bar kit now availible 

    It's finally here! The front roll bar kit we have all been waiting for is availible now. 
    The front sway-bar kit includes four sway-bars and all the additional hardware required for installation. 
    (Seen here on Hara's Worlds winning car, 1.2mm) 
    Part#: ZS-412F

    New composite front arms for the MR-4TC

    These new front arms come with a sway-bar ball stud molded into the arm. 
    These arms are not compatible with the ZS-412F sway-bar kit. 
    Part#: ZS-008FW

    World's spec upper deck for the MR-4TC

    The milled upper deck included in the World's conversion kit is now separately available. 
    Includes all the necessary hardware required for installation. 
    Part#: ZS-002TG3

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    Tires List