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Wasatrack 2001, 18-19.8.2001
Finnish touring car nats

Last weekend we had the Finnish touring car nationals at my hometrack here in Vaasa. We managed to arrange the race quite ok despite being a very small club. We had good luck with the weather also as it stayd dry and sunny all weekend. The modified class raced on Saturday while Sunday was for the stock class and the nitro touring cars. 

For a racereport that I wrote on the race, 
go here:

Here's a bit on how my race went:

The race was actually really high class with almost all the finnish top drivers present. This had not been the case the two previous years as the nats had then been on the same weekend as the euros. Finally this year we got rid of stupidity like that...

The race went ok for me and my it should since it was my home track. I had not been able to test much in the weeks leading up to the race since I was working on getting the track in shape most of the time...and when I went to the track to practice then it started raining! Anyway, I have done enough laps on that track so I was not that worried, I knew my car would work well. 


As expected the car worked well on Saurday when I put it on the track. I rebuilt the car on Friday and just put on a setup that I thought would work...and it did. First qualifying started well but then I had some problems while lapping other cars and did a few too many mistakes. I was still fifth or something as many cars did not finish the first round. In the second qualifying round I simply overdrove the car, trying to make it faster thaan it actually was. With two qualifying runs left I did not want to leave it to the last run, especially as the track had got slower, so I decided that round three was when I was gonna do a good result. After round two I was 12th or somethin' and I was not happy with that. The third qual. started really well and continued like that, I drove really steadily and did a result which placed me sixth for the a final. This result 22/5.05 was like 5 seconds better than what I had done in practice, mostly because of better grip. One funny point about this run was that I did my best lap on the last lap! The laptime was 13.40...I did a 13.3 earlier on Saturday and the best I had done in testing was 13.6. 

I was happy staring from sixth on the grid in a high quality field like this...think I was the best privateer so that's ok. The finals did not go very well...mostly because of bad luck. First one was ok, did not push at all and finished fifth. Had a dnf in the second one as the rear belt fault. Should have made that belt tensioner before the race and not now.. :) Third one started great for me as I was third and could probably have at least had another top5 finish in that one if it had not been for a car in the middle of the track... ;) Well, those things happen and there's nothing I can do about it.

The only change I did to the car during the day was that I made the air holes in the wheels a bit larger. This to slightly help in keeping down the tire temperature as it was quite warm outside and the track had good grip. You can see my setup here .

Most important is that the organisation of the race went well and I think most people went home quite happy with the way the track was and how it was arranged.