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n this racereport I'm goingo explain th

Seinäjoki 9.2.2002

In this racereport I'm going to explain the setup changes I made to the car during the FinTrack race in Seinäjoki.

I had just done seven battery packs of testing prior to the race and with new control tires, Take Off CS series and 12 motor rule I didnít know what to expect. The track was a very flowing high speed track and I think it was the best carpet track that Iíve raced on.

In free practice the car didnít feel good, very unstable and poor rear end grip so I switched from the soft milled to the stiff graphite original SP upper deck and also made the rear shocks longer to 60.0 mm.

In the first qualifying round the car felt better but it still was a little bit difficult in turn-in, it reacted too fast and had too much steering, which made it difficult to drive consistent  lines and also lacked rear end grip in the fast S-bend in the middle of the track.

To improve grip in the S-bend I changed to the old type flexible rear arms Part# ZS-008 and to take away mid corner steering I put on a stiffer 1.5 mm front roll bar. 
The changes were in the right direction, especially the ZS-008 type arms did work really well, so it seems like the softer arms is the way to go, at least in low to medium grip conditions. The only problem was the agressive turn-in. In the second round I drove without mistakes and was 18th overall. 

For the third qualifying round I wanted to experiment a little and changed the front tires from cs-22 to the harder cs-27 with the same inserts, to take away steering as the grip came up.
This change really did the car a lot easier to drive and the laptimes did also improve but I pushed too hard in the first corner and crashed and broke the rear suspension.

In the finals I only did some small adjustments because the car felt really good. Best laptime was 10.5 which was 0.3-0.4 slower than the fastest drivers. 

Iím really happy with the result and with new parts for the front end arriving that hopefully will allow me to exploit the grip of the softer cs-22 front tires, things are looking positive. 

my setup

(track layout)