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Here are all the changes made to the site:

25.09.2002 Updated race news

27.05.2002 Posted picture of Masami's Yokomo in South Africa

20.05.2002 Updated race news

23.03.2002 Updated reports, results, tips and new stuff.

08.03.2002 Updated tips and results.

26.02.2002 Updated reports, results, gallery.

18.02.2002 Added Chris Tossolini's winning carpet setup

16.02.2002  Updated results, setups, reports and tips. 

26.01.2002  Updated new stuff (some of the part # were wrong, I'm sorry) and  results 

24.01.2002  Updated new stuff, no pictures available yet 

19.01.2002  Updated the front page. The site hasn't been updated lately becauce Kentech is in England 

29.11.2001  Added Masami's winning setup from the Japan nats

13.11.2001  Added new carpet setup and updated racenews and new stuff

23.10.2001  Updated tips section

22.10.2001  Updated new stuff, setups and results

15.10.2001  Updated the front page (tomorrow it's 1 year since site launch), added a new setup guide

17.09.2001  Updated new stuff

23.08.2001  Updated racereports

20.08.2001  Added a setup and updated the blank setup sheet again

13.08.2001  Added a new blank setup sheet

01.08.2001  Racenews and newstuff updated

31.07.2001  Racereport added, my stuff updated with new body pics 

19.07.2001  Added 2 new setups, a racereport and updated the tips

28.06.2001  Added the latest new products from Yokomo

13.06.2001  Updated newstuff and added partnumbers for some Yokomo stickers to the tips

21.05.2001  Added racereport, setup and results from last weekends race and picture of my new chassis

13.05.2001  Fixed some links that did not work so now everything should be ok

11.05.2001  We're back!...after a long break. The site was deleted from Tripod. I have been busy so that's why it has taken me a while to get it back online. I also checked out a few different free hosting places but I once again made an account at Tripod. This will however only be a temporary solution. The site will probably soon be moved to a new home... 
Anyway, there are still quite a lot of things on the site that don't work yet but I will fix that a.s.a.p.
And to the one who caused these troubles, I know who you are and I will make sure I get revenge...

20.04.2001  Masami's LRP race setup for the MR4TCS added

17.04.2001  Added info about the MR4TC Special car kit to new stuff

11.04.2001  Added the racereport from last weekend's LRP TC Masters

04.04.2001  Updated the calendar and added a link to the LRP TC Masters to the front page

29.03.2001  Added some pics of my car to "my stuff" + a pic of myself to "who?"

27.03.2001  Added a racereport from last weekends race together wit setup. Also added a new section called "New parts tested" and updated racenews

22.03.2001  Changed the index page, changed the link to Max Biaggi's homepage, added a link to Mo's homepage and added a photo to the "who" section. Trust me, the picture is worth checking :)

17.03.2001  Renamed the setup tips, now called setup guide

15.03.2001  Added a link to the MR4 TC Net page to links 

06.03.2001  Added pictures from the ROAR Carpet Nats to the gallery page

05.03.2001  Updated "international racenews" with Yokomo's latest victory, added a gallery, and a list of the TeamYokomoFinland drivers, updated some links and the "who" page

26.02.2001  Added pictures and some information about the MR4TC Special

19.02.2001  Posted a racereport, setup and results from this weekends race and updated racenews

16.02.2001  Fixed a few errors on the site

11.02.2001  BIG NEWS -> check new stuff for more information

10.02.2001  Updated new stuff

05.02.2001  Added the latest products for the MR4TC to the new stuff page

28.01.2001  Added the latest racereport

22.01.2001  Updated the standard carpet setup

20.01.2001  Added a few more pictures of Josh Cyrul's car

19.01.2001  Changed the picture on the front page and made some small adjustments everywhere

15.01.2001  Updated the racenews with pictures of Josh Cyrul's Yokomo

14.01.2001  Added an interview with Masami plus a racereport from the latest race

10.01.2001  Updated the tips page, added some pictures to the racereports

07.01.2001  Added a racereport, results and setup from the latest race I did

29.12.2000  Added a new interview section and posted the first interview, with David Spashett. Also updated the new stuff section with the new Yokomo shirts

19.12.2000  Added a new setup the setups, updated the setup tips, added some finnish race results and made other small changes on the site

11.12.2000  Added a Yokomo Spring List to the tips section

09.12.2000  Updated carpet practice setup, added some results

02.12.2000  Updated LRP info and added an insert chart to the tips section

30.11.2000  Updated a few links

27.11.2000  Added some details to the racereport and setup tips and Tip #6 to the tips section

26.11.2000  Added a race report section, added a carpet setup

22.11.2000  Updated my practice carpet setup in the setups section 

19.11.2000  Added a spring comparison chart to the tips

17.11.2000  Updated racenews and setups

16.11.2000  Updated racenews

12.11.2000  Updated the new stuff section

11.11.2000  Updated the racenews section and changed the homepage so that it works with Netscape.

09.11.2000  Posted the redesigned site

05.11.2000  Added links to pictures of tracks to my setups 

05.11.2000  Updated the who section and the my stuff section

02.11.2000  Added the latest new products to the new parts page

01.11.2000  Added pictures of my car to the site, added some setups, updated the tips section

29.10.2000  Added a link to the setup tips to the homepage

27.10.2000  Added the setup tips section and changed a lot of other things on the site

21.10.2000  Updated the racenews section

20.10.2000  Added some tips in the tips & tricks section and made some other small changes

19.10.2000  Added the "Who" section and updated some links

18.10.2000  Made some small adjustments

16.10.2000  Site launched