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Here are some winning setups from around the world. 
You will also find my own setups here.


Blank setup sheets:

Blank setup sheet - PDF-file

Asphalt setups:


Masami All Japan setup -  Masami's winning MR4TCSP setup from Yatabe 2001  

Euros 2001 setup - Adam Rogers' euros setup from Holland

Hara's Worlds setup - Atsushi Hara's winning setup from the '00 Worlds

Euros setup #1 - Euros setup from CML Distribution (D Spashett, A Moore)

Euros setup #2- Euros setup from KEIL (David Spashett)

Reedy Race 2000 setup - Barry's winning setup with H13 control tires

Yokomo Finland summer 2002 setup- standard asphalt setup 2002

Wastrack 2001 setup - my own standard setup

Fintrack Kuusankoski setup - Own asphalt setup for MR4TC Special

Wasatrack2000 setup - diff setup from a national race on a tight asphalt track

 click here to see pictures of the track
Touring Summer IV setup - My own setup from a race on a very high speed track
 click here to see pictures of the track


Carpet setups:

Novak carpet race - Chris Tosolini's winning setup 

LRP race 2001 setup - Masami's MR4TCS setup from the LRP race

LRP-race 2000 setup - Masami's winning setup with HPI control tires

Mo's carpet setup - Close to Chris Tosolinis winning Novak race setup

Seinäjoki carpet setup - Set up with Take Off cs tires 

Blue Carpet Race - My own carpet setup for the MR4TCSP 

Lohja 20.10.2001 - Henrik Hokkanen's setup

Riihimäki carpet race setup - LRP race layout but tighter

Seinäjoki carpet race setup - tight carpet track, Pit tires

You need to have Adobe Acrobat installed to view the setup sheets.

If you have any good setups, carpet or asphalt, 
please send the complete setup to me so I can post it here.

Click here to see my setup guide.

Suggested gearing for 24 deg stock motors (pinion x spur): 

Reedy Rage Type-R: 23x78, 24x78, 25x78 

Trinity Paradox or P2K: 26x78, 27x78, 28x78, 29x78 

Suggested gearing for modified motors: 

 9 turn : 21x78 
10 turn : 22x78 
11 turn : 23x78 
12 turn : 24x78 
13 turn : 25x78 
14 turn : 26x78 

Final drive ratios for the MR-4TC (48 & 64 Pitch) 
In order to calculate the final drive ratio, use this equation: 

(spur size/pinion size) x 2.200 = final drive ratio